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11. You Again - NL ondertitel - NLOndertitels.com
job. When she goes home for her brother's wedding she discovers that her brother is marrying Joana. When they meet she wants Joana to apologize for the way she treated her but Joana feigns ignorance. When Marni tells her mother, Gail about
http://www.nlondertitels.com/subtitle/25954/You+Again.html - 21.3kb

12. Todo - Nederlandse Ondertitels - NLondertitels.com
on the streets, he saves her from a dangerous drug dealer and he brings her to his apartment to protect her. Now his only hope is that Lindy falls in love with him. Land van herkomst: USA Jaartal: 2011 Speelduur:
http://www.nlondertitels.com/todo/818 - 11.4kb

13. Nancy Drew - NL ondertitel - NLOndertitels.com
in broad daylight and make her go nighty night! The attack is so effective, so precise, people walk right past the vehicle with no idea there's a young girl inside, fully anesthetized, chloroformed out of her mind! Nancy has no idea what hit
http://www.nlondertitels.com/subtitle/17775/Nancy+Drew.html - 20.7kb

14. Baby Boom - NL ondertitel - NLOndertitels.com
lady that gives the baby to her has to catch her flight. J.C. is now stuck with an annoying baby girl. her boyfriend doesn't like the idea of a baby living with them and he leaves her. J.C. has enough of it and takes her to meet a family
http://www.nlondertitels.com/subtitle/608/Baby+Boom.html - 19.2kb

15. 100 Feet - NL ondertitel - NLOndertitels.com
arrest, for the remainder of her sentence. her late husband's partner keeps tabs on her from a patrol car parked across the street, hoping she'll violate probation and he can send her back to prison. But the 100-foot radius her ankle bracelet
http://www.nlondertitels.com/subtitle/19636/100+Feet.html - 20.3kb

16. Nikita (2010) - Season 3: Ep. 1-13 - NL ondertitel - NLOndertitels.com
only as Division, who faked her execution and told her she was being given a second chance to start a new life and serve her country. What they didn't tell her was that she was being trained as a spy and assassin. Throughout her grueling training
http://www.nlondertitels.com/subtitle/31138/Nikita+%282010%29+-+Season+3%3A+Ep.+1-3.html - 19.8kb

17. Halloween 7: H20 (20 Years Later) - NL ondertitel - NLOndertitels.com
he broke out to kill his other sister, Laurie Strode. He killed all of her friends, but she escaped. A few years later, she faked her death so he couldn't find her. But now, in 1998, Michael has returned and found all the papers he needs to
http://www.nlondertitels.com/subtitle/4856/Halloween+7%3A+H20+%2820+Years+Later%29.html - 19.1kb

18. Vampire in Brooklyn - NL ondertitel - NLOndertitels.com
is part vampire, Max woos her and attempts to bring her to her blood sucking destiny. Even though Rita has strange dreams and actions, Justice, her partner, has feelings for her and does not want her involved with this stranger Max. But it is
http://www.nlondertitels.com/subtitle/30719/Vampire+in+Brooklyn.html - 19.1kb

19. Year of the Dog - NL ondertitel - NLOndertitels.com
- she does, and also finds herself attracted to this fellow. She becomes a vegan, supports animal-rights causes, and embroils her brother's young children in these concerns. Saving dogs and other animals become such a passion that her mental
http://www.nlondertitels.com/subtitle/19488/Year+of+the+Dog.html - 19.1kb

20. Dakota Skye - NL ondertitel - NLOndertitels.com
sets him apart from the other people in her life. He doesn't lie. Through her friendship with Jonah, her eyes are opened to the world around her and she sees that there is something out there more than all the lies. There is a possibility
http://www.nlondertitels.com/subtitle/22463/Dakota+Skye.html - 19.4kb

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