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1. Todo - Nederlandse Ondertitels - NLondertitels.com
along its banks is known to man. And there are many secrets known to the tribe shamans of which we never heard. During a journey of one of those shamans down the river from one of its wells, who meets a western scientist traveling up the river
http://www.nlondertitels.com/todo/all - 220.3kb

2. Ondertitels voor: Reservation Road | Versie: Reservation.Road.LIMITED.DVDRip...
Bruges 13/05/2008 Iron Man 10/06/2007 Shooter (2007) 00/00/0000 Friends - Season 3 De 100 meest gebruikte ondertitels Actieve forum topics The.Omen.IV-The.Awakening door kbeton Geplaatst 14 min. en 11
http://www.ondertitel.com/ondertitels/info/Reservation-Road/27756.html - 24.9kb

3. Stuck (2007) - MovieMeter.nl
day or so checked on the man still stuck in her windshield. After the accident Mallard did not notify the police or get Biggs any medical attention. When Biggs died two hours later (erroneously reported as up to two days later), still in the
http://www.moviemeter.nl/film/43245 - 21.5kb

4. Orfanato, El (2007) - MovieMeter.nl
niet dat er een kelder is?? Man en vrouw checken bij aankoop niet of er een kelder is?? Politie ontdekt bij grondig onderzoek de kelder ook niet? Een rottend lijk stinkt niet door het hele huis?? En als het kind simpelweg op de deur had gebonkt,
http://www.moviemeter.nl/film/41496 - 41.1kb

5. Todo - Nederlandse Ondertitels - NLondertitels.com
her mother in an automobile accident. Her father struggles with the loss of his wife and trying to raise his young daughter who believes her father is partly responsible for her mother's death. Belle's maternal grandfather is a changed
http://www.nlondertitels.com/todo/673 - 11.0kb

6. P.S. - NL ondertitel - NLOndertitels.com
an artist who died in a car accident twenty years earlier. Within hours of the interview, Louise and Scott have embarked on a passionately uninhibited older woman/younger man affair. But is Scott just a reminder of Louise's lost love? And is
http://www.nlondertitels.com/subtitle/9900/P.S..html - 20.0kb

7. Gattaca - NL ondertitel - NLOndertitels.com
future, a less-than-perfect man wants to travel to the stars. Society has categorized Vincent Freeman as less than suitable given his genetic make-up and he has become one of the underclass of humans that are only useful for menial jobs. To move
http://www.nlondertitels.com/subtitle/7895/Gattaca.html - 18.9kb

8. Intouchables - V4 - NL ondertitel - NLOndertitels.com
from a paragliding accident, an aristocrat hires a young man from the projects to be his caretaker. Cast: François Cluzet / Omar Sy / Anne Le Ny / Audrey Fleurot / Clotilde Mollet / Alba Gaïa Kraghede
http://www.nlondertitels.com/subtitle/29275/Intouchables+-+V4.html - 23.6kb

9. Face Value - NL ondertitel - NLOndertitels.com
in real life, plays a young man who goes to visit an old friend of his who resides in California. His friend's got it all: Nice house, great car, lots of neat accessories, friends, and, or course, women. But after Baio's friend
http://www.nlondertitels.com/subtitle/3345/Face+Value.html - 18.8kb

10. Jack Frost - NL ondertitel - NLOndertitels.com
When Jack dies in a car accident, Charlie becomes a very sad young man, until... Jack returns as a snowman! Now they can do all the things they've missed when Jack was human, but what will people think when they see Charlie talking to a
http://www.nlondertitels.com/subtitle/5662/Jack+Frost.html - 18.8kb

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