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1. I Killed My Mother (J'ai tué ma mère) - NL ondertitel - NLOndertitels.com
I Killed My Mother (J'ai tué ma mère) (2009) Aantal keer gedownload: 1.806 Datum toegevoegd: 14-07-2010
http://www.nlondertitels.com/subtitle/24902/I+Killed+My+Mother+%28J%27ai+tu%E9+ma+m%E8re%29.html - 19.3kb

2. Todo - Nederlandse Ondertitels - NLondertitels.com
with his father and step-mother; his paternal grandmother dominates the family's life. In secret, he's recently been in touch with his mother, Kailey, a pool hustler, who wants to win big and take Gulley to Canada. With the help of
http://www.nlondertitels.com/todo/all - 220.3kb

3. How I Met Your Mother - Season 8 - NL ondertitel - NLOndertitels.com
How I Met Your Mother - Season 8 (2005) Aantal keer gedownload: 7.022 Datum toegevoegd: 09-10-2012
http://www.nlondertitels.com/subtitle/30993/How+I+Met+Your+Mother+-+Season+8%3A+Ep.+1-5.html - 18.4kb

4. H ondertitels - NLOndertitels.com
How I Met Your Mother - Season 1 1 0.0 Alle afleveringen van seizoen 1. Vertaald door het himym team en synced door Jelpot met diverse HDTV rips.
http://www.nlondertitels.com/search/H/10 - 36.4kb

5. Ondertitel.com | Browse Ondertitels | Ondertitels voor films die beginnen me...
IMDB Info Goffini 107 Mother of Mine (Äideistä parhain) 1 CD IMDB Info OTC 109 Mother of Tears: The Third Mother (Terza madre, La) 1 CD IMDB Info Goffini 926 Mother, The 1 CD IMDB Info elise 114 Mothman Prophecies,
http://www.ondertitel.com/?p=list&naam_sub=M&offset=400&poffset=0 - 87.5kb

6. Valentin - NL ondertitel - NLOndertitels.com
poor widowed paternal grandmother. He has not seen his mother since he was three. His grandmother tells him that his mother was unfaithful to his father. Regardless, Valentín still misses her. His womanizing father, Vincente, is on the most part
http://www.nlondertitels.com/subtitle/11045/Valentin.html - 19.3kb

7. M ondertitels - NLOndertitels.com
Mother (Madeo) 1 9.0 1CD. Vertaald door Thai-Tanic. Mother and Child 1 0.0
http://www.nlondertitels.com/search/M/13 - 35.3kb

8. Snowtown - NL ondertitel - NLOndertitels.com
Jamie lives with his mother, Elizabeth, and two younger brothers, Alex and Nicholas, in a housing trust home in Adelaide's northern suburbs. Their home is but one of many sun-starved houses crammed together to cater for a
http://www.nlondertitels.com/subtitle/28754/Snowtown.html - 20.4kb

9. Todo - Nederlandse Ondertitels - NLondertitels.com
and still grieves for her mother Samantha who committed suicide at the Crescent Hotel three years ago. Her father, Detective Tom Wagner, is investigating the brutal death of lawyer Elliot Vincent, who was murdered by his teenager daughter. His
http://www.nlondertitels.com/todo/800 - 11.3kb

10. Pink Floyd The Wall (1982) - MovieMeter.nl
maar ik vind Atom Heart Mother toch het beste Pink Floyd-album. Vooral het titelnummer is geweldig. Dynamovie 5,0 [permalink ] geplaatst op 3 juni 2008, 20:54 uur Adrenal schreef: Ik ben misschien wel de enige maar ik vind Atom
http://www.moviemeter.nl/film/4659 - 34.5kb

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