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1. Todo - Nederlandse Ondertitels - NLondertitels.com
Edwards are setting forth against nature across the country on a journey to the Pacific Ocean against rivals Lewis and Clark. Along the way they have many mishaps and misfortunes. Land van herkomst: USA Jaartal: 1998
http://www.nlondertitels.com/todo/all - 220.3kb

2. Saint, The - NL ondertitel - NLOndertitels.com
Yet Simon Templar , also known as the Saint for his use of creating false identities using the names of Catholic saints,is one of the world's most successful thieves. Slick, debonair and a master of disguise, Simon manages to outwit the
http://www.nlondertitels.com/subtitle/1533/Saint%2C+The.html - 19.1kb

3. Rancid - NL ondertitel - NLOndertitels.com
tried to forget but who now emerge like ominous shadows from his past. Once again, face to face with the love of his life, Hayson tries to right old wrongs and get his life back on track. However, life has other plans, and he realizes that the
http://www.nlondertitels.com/subtitle/11994/Rancid.html - 19.2kb

4. Todo - Nederlandse Ondertitels - NLondertitels.com
he grows younger. He must now avoid Nazis, who want to study and experiment on him. Some years later, he meets a young woman who has her own passage through a lightning storm. Not only does Dominic find love again, but her new abilities hold the
http://www.nlondertitels.com/todo/616 - 11.2kb

5. MovieMeter.nl - de filmsite voor liefhebbers
(1942) 7. Apocalypse Now (1979) 8. Bin-jip (2004) Alternatieve titel: 3-Iron 9. Fight Club (1999) 10. Ordinary People (1980) Recente stemmen 3,0 Prozac Nation (2001) geplaatst: 21 september 2007
http://www.moviemeter.nl/user/1181 - 25.9kb

6. Todo - Nederlandse Ondertitels - NLondertitels.com
to make himself whole again. But now, after many of the marines are killed, Leprechaun turns Dr. Mittenhand into a grotesque monster and plans to blow up the ship. The remaining marines have to stop his evil plans and blow *him* up.
http://www.nlondertitels.com/todo/505 - 11.3kb

7. Eurotrip - V2 - NL ondertitel - NLOndertitels.com
Mike makes advances to Scott now that he and Fiona are not seeing each other, Scott abruptly sends Mike a message saying he never wants to hear from him again. However, Scott learns shorty thereafter that Mike is actually a beautiful girl named
http://www.nlondertitels.com/subtitle/7864/Eurotrip+-+V2.html - 20.9kb

8. Rails & Ties - NL ondertitel - NLOndertitels.com
over his wife Megan's now terminal cancer when Laura Danner commits suicide by planting her car on the railway just before Tom's train arrives. Tom's colleague Otis, who never got over a hobo doing the same on foot, resigns, Tom is
http://www.nlondertitels.com/subtitle/18890/Rails+%26+Ties.html - 19.1kb

9. X-Files, The: I Want to Believe - NL ondertitel - NLOndertitels.com
their becoming lovers. But now they're out of the FBI and have begun new careers. Scully works as a staff physician at a Catholic hospital. Her focus these days is on a young boy with an incurable brain disease. Administration wants to give
http://www.nlondertitels.com/subtitle/19340/X-Files%2C+The%3A+I+Want+to+Believe.html - 23.1kb

10. Odd Couple II, The (1998) - NL ondertitel - NLOndertitels.com
has been seventeen years now since Oscar and Felix saw each other for the last time. Oscar is living in Florida, Felix in New York. One day, Oscar is called by his son Brucey who invites him to his wedding to Felix' daughter Hannah next
http://www.nlondertitels.com/subtitle/24635/Odd+Couple+II%2C+The+%281998%29.html - 19.3kb

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