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1. I, Robot - V4 - NL ondertitel - NLOndertitels.com
nothing to stop them from taking over the world, as humans have grown to become completely dependent upon their robots. Or maybe... they already have? Aiding Spooner in his investigation is a psychologist, Dr. Susan Calvin, who specializes in
http://www.nlondertitels.com/subtitle/20755/I%2C+Robot+-+V4.html - 21.8kb

2. Gamer - NL ondertitel - NLOndertitels.com
his independence while taking down the game's mastermind. Cast: Gerard Butler / Amber Valletta / Michael C. Hall / Kyra Sedgwick / Logan Lerman / Alison Lohman / Terry Crews / Ramsey Moore / Ludacris / Aaron Yoo /
http://www.nlondertitels.com/subtitle/23441/Gamer.html - 20.6kb

3. Under Siege 2: Dark Territory - NL ondertitel - NLOndertitels.com
in Denver, Colorado. Ryback taking his niece Sarah Ryback on a vacation. They board a train traveling through the Rocky Mountains from Denver to Los Angeles. Travis Dane takes the train hostage and starts using the train as a control center in his
http://www.nlondertitels.com/subtitle/25571/Under+Siege+2%3A+Dark+Territory.html - 19.4kb

4. Garden Party - NL ondertitel - NLOndertitels.com
that doesn't involve taking off her clothes. As April navigates Los Angeles, she falls in with a group of confused kids struggling to chase their dreams. The black widow at the center of this web is a sexy, pot-dealing realtor named Sally
http://www.nlondertitels.com/subtitle/20231/Garden+Party.html - 19.0kb

5. Backwoods, The (Bosque de sombras) - NL ondertitel - NLOndertitels.com
They try to help her by taking her away from the home in which she is locked, but the local villagers, who have to protect the girl, start a pursuit in the forest they know much better than the visitors. Cast: Gary Oldman
http://www.nlondertitels.com/subtitle/19151/Backwoods%2C+The+%28Bosque+de+sombras%29.html - 19.2kb

6. Nanny Diaries, The - NL ondertitel - NLOndertitels.com
has more than her hands full taking care of him. Her busy schedule doesn't give her much spare time. Mrs X fired her last nanny because she was dating and that gives Annie problems when Harvard Hottie who lives in the same building asks her
http://www.nlondertitels.com/subtitle/17520/Nanny+Diaries%2C+The.html - 20.8kb

7. 2 Days in Paris - NL ondertitel - NLOndertitels.com
relationship with romance by taking a vacation in Europe. Their trip to Venice didn't really work out,--they both came down with gastroenteritis. They have higher hopes for Paris. But the combination of Marion's overbearing non-English speaking
http://www.nlondertitels.com/subtitle/17661/2+Days+in+Paris.html - 19.5kb

8. Ondertitels voor: There Will Be Blood | Versie: There.Will.Be.Blood.TELECINE...
petroleum extraction while taking the orphaned child, H.W., as his own for a valuable family man image. In 1911, Plainview gets a tip on a valuable supply on the struggling Sunday family ranch in the impoverished Little Boston, California. In his
http://www.ondertitel.com/ondertitels/info/There-Will-Be-Blood/26719.html - 25.8kb

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